Friday, 30 March 2012

Shot 2

This was our second establishing shot that Oly did for the Cat and Rat. We still needed to work on lighting because we had some issues with it messing with the textures.

It was a very simple shot but we wanted a nice establishing shot to show off our environment.

Shot 1

This is one of the first establishing shots of the main characters the Cat and Rat. I did the really quick animation for this shot. It was then that we discovered that this cat rig could not lie down, nor could it bend its head properly.

We also had a problem rendering the characters in Vray. So for this shot they weren't rendered in Vray whilst we tried to sort out as to why they weren't rendering properly. When rendered in Vray the cat and rat just disappeared.

We were still working out kinks with these renders, Vray proved a lot of hassle but it was the only way we could render with textures and have a thick line outline for the effect we wanted.

Thursday, 15 March 2012 many problems

I cannot begin to list off the problems we had. I think we've spent more time problem solving rather than making the damn film.

To name a few:

-couldn't get Vray working on my Maya
-couldn't open the environment without severe lag
-cat kept crashing nearly every time I opened it

This was becoming bothersome and more hassle than it was worth, I couldn't animate the main character. I couldn't open the main environment to animate within, this wasn't so much of a problem as my animations could have been imported into the scene via someone else's laptop.

It was strange that the Rat and Ox rig were fine, whereas the Cat was causing so much trouble. Its probably all the times we kept updating the cat and not deleting history?

Saturday, 10 March 2012


I never had any official story boards, all the scenes I drew out I put straight into the animatic, rather than setting them out in a story board first. Thinking back on it I probably should have layed them out in story boards first.

After my animatics, Oly and Sarah went through my work to see what we could take from the story whist still keeping the plot.

Sarah drew up some story boards:-

They kept some of the shots I had originally done and built upon them, removing unnecessary scenes so to keep the audience from getting bored.

Oly then re did a new animatic.