Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Ambient Occlusion

Seeing as the animations I've done don't have any textures or environments I am going to render everything with an Ambient Occlusion.

I have never done this type of render before so this will all be new to me.

First I deleted all the unused nodes in the hypershade so that I didn't get anything mixed up when adding new nodes. That cleared up a lot of nodes attached to the cat.

I then added a surface shader to the work space and then an ambient occlusion from the mental ray section and the joined the two together in the work space.

I had to change the environment colour in the perspective camera to 100% white so that it came out the right colour.

I then finally added the surface shader to the cat and its environment. I also had to go into the render settings to make sure that the render was set to mental ray. I also went and checked the quaility settings in there and made sure it was set to Lanzcos.

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