Sunday, 20 May 2012

Ncloth Tearing

I then thought about doing some tearing tests, as I thought we could have Melvin claw at the curtains.

Firstly I did a simple tearing test to learn the simulation. This first video was a a way of me learning how to use the tearing and for it not to explode. I have tried using tearing in the past....and it exploded. So I tried again and I was much more successful.

I liked how this came out. I had to make the sphere a collider for the cloth I had added and then select the vertices that I wanted to tear. I was quite happy with the result seeing a previous times Ive used it, its just exploded. So once I did that I went and make something a bit more ambitious.

This time I made the cloth tear like it was being scratched by a cat. I also made very simple crude claws to simulate it rather than using sphere. I wasn't expecting this to work at all and I was very surprised when it did, I'm not sure why loads of little parts flew off but for a first try I was rather happy that it didn't explode...nCloth likes to do that

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