Wednesday, 25 April 2012


It happened again....Rigs....dying on my Maya.... I hate everything right now.

Richards Dog rig was fine one week, it hadn't been updated and was the exact same rig I had been playing with the week before. Then all of a sudden....It wont let me save.

I could work on the dog fine, so long as I never tried to save it, because as soon as I did...Maya crashed. This happened every. Single. Time. I didn't know the cause at all. I only managed to perhaps pin it down to the fact that it was created on a mac and I'm running PC as it worked fine on any of the macs I tried it on but not on my PC. This was the only theory I could think of as to why it stopped working but it doesn't explain why it was working fine the week before.

Regardless I spent a lot of time trying to work around why the dog wouldn't save till I finally got it working. I had to do this beginning part on a Mac. Firstly I had to set up everything I needed in the scene. I needed to put the collar on the dog and put the rock in the same scene as the dog. I then saved this scene with the three elements I needed and then moved it over to my PC. I then had to reference that file I had made so that I could actually animate. it was a pain in the butt but it finally got sorted. But it wasted a lot of time.

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