Saturday, 28 April 2012

nCloth Curtains

For our new Melvin film we wanted the cat to interact with a curtain. So I did a few tests with the curtains Oly made to remind myself of nCloth.

This shot I was just regulating the wind simulation so that I could give a more realistic feel of a curtain by an open window.
This was a simple simulation and I'm quite familiar with the wind simulation with nCloth so this wasn't much of a challenge for me, I merely did it to remind myself.

I had to make the wind very weak or the curtain flew up too fast and didn't flutter, I also had to constrain the bottom corners so that the curtain didn't lift up too high.

This next test I did I had the wind simulation and introduced a collider. This was just a simple test to see how the cloth would react to something passing by it as we thought for our Melvin film we wanted to have the cat walk past a curtain.

I used a simple sphere here to pass by the curtain, this gave a nice effect. I still  had to constrain the bottom corners of the curtain so they didn't fly up really high up in the air.

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